HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15 | My honest reveiw

i bought HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop and it’s been 8 months now. Hello , i am Nitish from India, living a college life right now. I will share my honest views on HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop with you. i am not promoting any product.

Specs of my HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11300H @ 3.10GHz 3.11 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU 4GB
Memory 16GB DDR4, 512GB SSD M2
window 11

Honest Review

Build Quality | Only drawback

i have examined my brother’s macbook air and asus tuf gaming laptop .They were sturdy, i really got offended by their build quality. I realized my hp laptop build quality is not very good. I dont feel comfortable bringing my hp pavilion to college because i feel like it can be damaged easily ,it is not very sturdy. But i still take it to college and i have travelled long distances with the laptop. The laptop is still in perfect condition, so build is not that bad but ofcourse better then dell laptop g15.


Display is great, it supports 144Hz refresh rate which really feels smooth. Brightness is good. My eyes do not pain even when i sit for hours. i got impressed by its display.

Speakers are great, i am happy with the speakers, sound is crisp and loud.

Keyboard has purple lights, decent. The trackpad is small, but i am used to it now.

mic is really good.

camera is normal like every other laptop.



i completed gta5 with very high settings, the game never lagged or hanged, it was always smooth and graphics were great. i played dying light also ,it was little laggy but i think it was problem with game optimization. Valorant was way more smooth. But i noticed one thing that on increasing graphics settings to max, the games were looking realistic but it was not feeling smooth. So i dont play at max graphics setting.

I made this blog using HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop and everything is working properly.
All tasks are performed smoothly.I am very happy with its performance , the i5 11 gen is really a capable processor. The graphics are great thanks to rtx 3050, though i thought it will be more realistic.

How i got HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

I had a pc before and i played lot of gta5 and valorant in it. It was having rx 570 4 gb graphics card. I gave pc to my parents for their personal use, because in college everybody use laptops and our college professors also asked us to work on laptops.

Then, i decided to buy a laptop in which i can do coding and play games as well. i researched on laptop for many days and saw dozens of youtube videos. i wanted more powerful graphics card like rtx 3050, because I had desire and curiosity to see how much realistic will game look with rtx graphics card . i finally made the decision to buy dell laptop g15 gaming.

So i went to the dell store .There, i closely examined the laptop and i didnt like it, the display was little yellowish and build quality was weak. I cancelled dell g15 and same day went to hp store , there i saw this HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop. It’s display was looking amazing, i got impressed. i read few specs about it and bought it instantly the same day. It cost me 71000rs.


How i use my HP pavilion

I use laptop for few hours a day, and somedays i dont use it. I have downloaded valorant, gta5 and dying light. i completed Gta5 on this hp beast .i play valorant sometime but the network issues make anger issues in me, even after having a airtel fiber there is network problem in game, i dont know what is the real problem. Mostly i watch youtube videos, and also sometimes netflix. I also have started blogging now. And I do a very little coding also.


HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop | Should you buy or not ?

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is a good budget friendly gaming laptop that is why i bought it, You can play any game in it made till now.  i am happy with the laptop and you can buy it too. This hp laptop is powerful, sometime i think i am not utilizing it even 50 percent. It is more capable than i needed. One thing is missing in HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop and that is, if it could be more sturdy like asus laptop tuf gaming.

Thank you, i hope you will find it helpful.  For any question related to Hp pavilion gaming laptop you can comment me down below.

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